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Do you remember the old arcade games like Pac-man or even Space Invaders, right? Well, guess what, the arcade games offered on are a few levels higher! There are many fun-to-play instant win arcade games and online scratch cards at Magical Vegas that can provide you some enjoyable gameplay. Up to £250,000 can be won by finding the words on Word Candy Scratch card.

Online scratch games consist of cards where you have to scratch one or more areas to reveal concealed information in the form of symbols, pictures or animations. Depending on the outcome of where you have scratched on the card, it will determine whether you have lost or won the game. The winning outcome of scratch cards is deduced in various ways such as having 3 similar symbols, one particular animation, correct arrangement of a picture, etc. Some of these online scratch cards even have bonus rounds!

Online scratch cards have proven to be highly popular as it offers the chance to win instantly. This scratch card concept has been applied to various themes to create numerous inspiring online scratch card games. At Magical Vegas you will discover a large selection of exclusive and fun online scratch cards. All been designed by various top game providers.

Never doubt the power of these arcade games and online scratch cards! If you are still unsure, here’s what one of Magical Vegas’s player said:

“I use Magical Vegas because I enjoy the games and bonuses. I really like the super graphics games and the bonuses because they are different. I have also always enjoyed the Cleopatra game too, so when I seen they had made a Cleopatra scratch card I knew I had to try it. Christmas will be a great one this year, not having to scrimp and save will really take a lot of stress off my shoulders. I don’t have any lucky charms if I’m honest, I always thought my lucky number was 3, obviously it’s number 13. Which also happens to be my partners lucky number. If you do play online slots or scratch cards, remember you don’t have to play big to win big. I won £100,000 on a £5 scratch card.”

You too can share the same enthusiasm and joy by playing popular arcade games and online scratch cards at Magical Vegas Casino.

Some of the great and fun online scratch cards at Magical Vegas include Scratch 4 Gold, Scratch 4 Rubies, Scratch 4 Emeralds and Scratch 4 Diamonds. All the scratch cards have been sorted under the Scratch cards category at Magical Vegas.

Other new types of Arcade Games and Online Scratch Cards are Pull-Tab Cards from Realistic Games and Instant Win Games by IGT. These games are available to play at Magical Vegas Casino. For instant winnings, the games you can try are Monkey Drop, Colour Cubes, Medieval Money Dragon’s Loot or Wheel of Fortune Winning Words. These instant win games are packed with bonus rounds which take you to another display and it is all about action!

Now, if you want to pull the tabs, the games you can try are It came from the Moon Pull Tab, Over the Rainbow Pull Tab, Sunken Treasure Pull Tab, Shore Thing Pull Tab or Golden Koi Pull Tab. These games come loaded with wild symbols, just like slot games.

Play Magical Vegas online scratch cards and arcade games for a great experience!